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A Morning in Taipei (Newly Scored by LIM Giong) 臺北之晨(林強全新配樂版) (1964)

Documentary, Silent 20m

The film opens in what appears to be the dead of the night, as neon lights pierce through the pitch darkness of the early hours of a typical morning in Taipei. The Taipei Airport complex becomes visible just as dawn approaches. A glimmer of light illuminates the once dark sky, as a group of women are seen carrying baskets, likely containing fresh produce or other food, balanced on a stick above their shoulders. Despite the early hour, people have already begun their day, making excursions into the city centre, exercising in a park, or partaking in religious worship. People begin their workday, actors prepare for a theatrical performance, and children play in the schoolyard. The day is full of wonder and possibility. Director Pai Jing-jui’s 1964 short documentary depicts a modern, industrious Taipei full of diverse and determined individuals as perform their morning routines.


PAI Jing-Jui






Central Motion Picture Coporation, Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute