Jade Miners (2015)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 45m

It is the end of 2012 and the Burmese government is still in the military conflict with the Kachin Independence Organization. The perennial conflict forced the jade mining business to come to a halt but waves of Burmese workers continued to flood in, disregarding the official order and the potential danger. The hopes that jade could transform their lives made them risk their life. Jade Miners is Midi Z’s first documentary. Unlike his feature films shot in a guerrilla style, this film was a long-term project that took him 14 months to shoot in Myanmar. After this documentary, Midi Z directed a companion piece, City of Jade (2016), a more personal film that explores his elder brother’s struggles as a jade miner.


2012年底,緬甸政府軍與少數民族克欽獨立軍宣戰,武裝衝突不斷,許多財團只能暫時擱置與政府簽訂的開採玉石計劃。然而,卻有一群人無懼戰火,從緬甸各地爭相湧入克欽省玉礦區,懷著隨時會被軍警逮捕的恐懼,日復一日地勞動,非法開採玉石,希望能因此致富,過上好日子。他們是挖玉石的人。 導演第一部紀錄片,相對在劇情片建立的搶拍風格,此片耗時十四個月拍攝,深入險境記錄底層人民無止盡的勞動日常。全片無問答、旁白、配樂,剔除戲劇化元素,回歸礦工真實生活。然而,所紀錄的真實,亦是導演主觀建構,唯有除卻劇情跌宕起伏,方能將每分每秒可能發生的危險凝鍊成礦工生活常態,呈現險境求生的淡定與悲涼。而導演的另一部玉石紀錄片《翡翠之城》(2016)則從個人家庭出發,探究導演親哥哥的翡翠夢,私密性十足。(資料出處:臺灣國家電影中心工具箱)


Midi Z


Midi Z


Wang Shin-Hong


Mandarin, Yunnan dialect



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