Out/Marriage (2012)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 7m

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Nguyen Kim Hong, a Vietnamese woman, thought she was pursuing happiness when she moved to Taiwan for marriage. After years of domestic abuse, she is forced to divorce and raise her daughter on her own. Thanks to her hard work to overcome the language and cultural barrier, she rebuilds her life and becomes a filmmaker, documenting four other women with similar experiences of immigration and failed marriage. Overcoming the cultural and language barrier, Kim-Hong becomes a filmmaker and documents stories of four other women with very similar experiences of immigration and failed marriage. Forging a close connection with the women, Kim-Hong presents a touching and powerful story offering a unique entry point to some of Taiwanese society’s most pressing issues. Out/Marriage is a milestone because it is the first Taiwanese documentary filmed from the perspective of a female immigrant.





Nguyen Kim-Hong


Tsai Tsung-Lung


Huang Xiu-Yi


Mandarin, Vietnamese



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