The Sandwich Man (1983)

  • Drama
  • 1h 48m

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The story of The Sandwich Man takes place in Chia-Yi, a rural county in the western coast of Taiwan. In order to earn a living to support his wife and newborn child after a long-term unemployment, Qun-Shu finds a job that requires him to wear homemade clown costumes and carry sandwich boards for a local cinema. He gets promoted after a while and gets a tricycle and megaphone. His new position doesn’t require him to wear clown costume any more but it seems his newborn child doesn’t recognise him without it.

In Vicki’s Hat, Wang and Lin, two sales trainees, visit a coastal town to sell Japanese pressure cookers. Wang encounters a schoolgirl named Vicki and is curious about the hat she wears all the time, not aware it is covering a disfiguring injury. During the demonstration of the new product to the villagers, Lin discovers that the cooker is defective.

The last short film in the anthology, The Taste of Apples, focuses on a migrant worker A-Fa who, on his way to work, is severely injured in an accident involving an American military officer, Colonel Grey. Upon receiving the distressing news, A-Fa’s family, living in an urban slum, rushes to the hospital while worrying about the financial implications of the accident only to be surprised by Colonel Grey’s very generous compensation and hospitality.




Hou Hsiao-Hsien


Wan Jen


Ming Chi


Hsu Kuo-Liang


Wu Nien-Jen


Chen Kun-Hou


Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien, English



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